Pacific Clean

We believe the first step toward good health is a clean surface.

The second step is a sense of purpose.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where good health is our real wealth, and it starts with a clean place to be. Our mission is to invest in ensuring your place to work or play is as clean as possible. We do that, by supplying great cleaning products to kiwi businesses and organisations.

Together we contribute to the health and wellbeing of our Pacific neighbours, and to making the world a better place, one clean at a time. This is because when you buy from us you are enabling us to send great cleaning products to the Pacific and to support access to equipment needed to deliver great health care to people in need.

Our Product Range features high quality cleaning products that not only make cleaning easy and effective, they also kill the germs and viruses that cause illness. This is our first step in creating a healthier world.

Our second step includes using the profits we make to support the work of our partner – Take My Hands – who get much needed medical equipment to health providers in the Pacific, so it can be used to help people in need.

And, when you buy from us you also help them get our antibacterial, antiviral Floor and Surface Cleaner across to the Pacific where it can be used to improve infection control.

people we help

10% of our profits go to TMH each year & we provide them our floor and surface cleaner at cost enabling them to improve infection control through good clean surfaces.