Our Product Range

We love what we do, and are excited to bring you this small but effective range of cleaning products designed for companies everywhere.

General-purpose Cleaner

Our Multi-purpose cleaner is a mild general multi-purpose cleaner for a wide range of hard surfaces, such as polished floors, walls, benches and most hard surfaces.

Our concentrate can be diluted to work in buckets with mops, or put into a spray bottle for easier application on surfaces. Meets or exceeds EU biodegradability standards, and is Environmental Choice New Zealand Licensed. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.

Read more about our General-Purpose cleaner here.

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Oxygenated Bleach Gel

This effective cleaning gel has a multitude of applications. It ensures that your surroundings are hygienic without having negative impact on the environment.

MPI- approved no-rinse cleaner-sanitiser is safe for food processing areas. When diluted it can be used on a wide range of surfaces. Used straight it clings to toilet bowl and urinals for maximum results. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.

Read more about our oxygenated bleach gel here

Safety Data Sheet Can be found here

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Toilet Cleaner

Our thick gel toilet cleaner is ready to use, cleans and de-odourizes to make your toilets a pleasure to visit … again.

Our Toilet Cleaner is a thick ready to use gel. The perfect toilet bowl and washroom cleaner. Cleans and deodorises. The thick flowing gel means longer contact time which leaves your toilets clean and fresh, and the pleasant aroma makes your toilets a nice place to visit …. again. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.

Read more about our Toilet Cleaner here.

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Floor and Surface Cleaner

Suitable for cleaning hard surfaces and floors. Comes in concentrate so you can dilute to suit your cleaning need.

Pacific Clean Floor & Surface Cleaner may be used to clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces

Read more about our floor and surface cleaner here

Safety Data Sheet Can be found here

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Surface Sanitiser

Our broad spectrum surface sanitiser kills viruses and germs on hard surfaces.

Our Surface Sanitiser is a powerful concentrated hard surface sanitiser with 7.99% hydrogen peroxide. Developed specifically for reducing infectivity of viruses, known to persist on surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic for up to 9 days. Suitable for use in commercial, industrial, health care and other public facilities.

Read more about our Surface Sanitiser here.

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Vehicle Cleaner

Our concentrated vehicle cleaner is biodegradable and leaves vehicles brilliantly clean with a showroom shine.

To make 20L of concentrated cleaner, add 2L of our Vehicle Cleaner concentrate to 18L of clean cold water (dilution rate of 1:9).

Read More about our Vehicle Cleaner here

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