Our Product Range – Vehicle Cleaner

Concentrated Vehicle Cleaner

Safety Data Sheet can be accessed here

Our Vehicle cleaner is highly concentrated – which means a little goes a loooong way.
2 Litres of cleaner make 820 Litres of excellent vehicle cleaner (in use)
20 litres makes a whopping 8200L in use!


Vehicle Cleaner PI

Concentrate: To make 200L of concentrated cleaner, add 20L of concentrate to 180L of clean cold water (dilution rate of 1:9).

Further dilute solution 1:40 for cleaning to use manually with a bucket and brush, or through a waterblaster or other automatic dilution unit. Rinse vehicle thoroughly to finish. Dry surfaces with a clean dry microfibre cloth or chamois for maximum shine. Avoid washing in direct sunlight.

Read the Safety Data Sheet here.

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